Sunday, December 19, 2010


Palmas is a fish belonging to the Family Polypteridae (Bichir), it means a lot finned fish. Including fish primitive and often referred to as "snake like fish" (fish-like snake). The spread is in West Africa.
Palmas is a predatory fish (predator), carnivores. This fish has the ability to take the air with the tools that have been modified in such a way resembling the lungs, besides that he was able to crawl on the ground by using a strong fin chest. Therefore, in mememihara Palmas recommended that provide good cover to prevent fish escape. Palmas can be maintained together with a group of cichlid fish that have a size larger.
PalmasThe length of the average fish is 30 cm Palmas. Living in a pH range 6.5 - 7, and temperature of 16-27 ° C. For carnivores, the main feed live food Palmas is a small fish or other meat such as beef shrimp or fish meat.

So far at least know there are 3 sub-species Palmas namely:
Polypterus Palmas Palmas
Polypterus polli Palmas
Polypterus Palmas buettikoferi

Palmas sexes can be distinguished by looking at the width of the anal fin. Palmas male anal fin width is almost 2 times the width of the anal fin Palmas female.
During Palmas breeding males will "hug" the female, will then produce sperm during the male "catch" the eggs are removed the female. After the fertilized eggs will fall onto the substrate of the aquarium. In general, the eggs will hatch in about 4 days.